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Overheard in the Bathrop house

Miles:  I'm not going to play Minecraft.  My hair's all curly.


Overheard in the Balthrop household

Miles: "Cthulhu likes to watch."

Cross posted from the wonderful seperis

I was reading my friends page and came across this from the wonderful, insightful seperis.  We are dealing with a winter storm warning in Dallas right now, and everything she says below is just so TRUE about Texans.

Originally posted by seperis at this is complicated, okay
The Hill Country is under warning for Winter storms which hits Austin around 2 tomorrow.

To those living north--pretty much north Texas and up--this is probably fairly normal, though generally I don't think south of the Mason-Dixon it's a November thing, either, or at least, not that often, though admittedly, I could be wrong about those right on the line, no idea. So you can guess that currently, the Apocalypse is coming down on Austin, or at least, what I assume it will be like when it actually happens. You can't? Interesting, so I probably need to explain; the Apocalypse is coming, and this is why.

When someone says "tornado warning" we say "I'm gonna run to the convenience store, but I'll make it quick" in hopes of seeing it and being terribly disappointed by the lack; it won't be quick, because we'll wander around the entire area trying to find it; we were promised that by implication with the word 'warning'. Basically, until the neighbor's trampoline flies by, it's pretty much okay. Or your own trampoline, but it only got like, three feet off the ground before it hit the fence, and for me, it's not worth getting up from the porch for less than six and over my head, or an airborne cow. Because dude, who doesn't want to see a flying cow? Then it's hallways and blankets and doom, but at least you know by sight what's trying to make the house a pile of substandard confetti. Fine, yes, that's a little disconcerting for everyone, happy? Dude, I wasn't even verbal the first time I was in a house between the two houses that the tornado decided to blend, setting frappe; I have special pillows for hall napping these days. Apparently, I like sleeping through imminent death and it started very early.

Tornado Watches are a six month period of the year; to not be under a tornado watch for a certain number of days is weird enough it's worth talking about, wary and deeply unsettling to everyone. Like, what the hell, they have something better to do? Drought, been there, lived with the constant wildfire smoke drifting north and settling over Austin. This last one was longer, don't get me wrong, but the only reason anyone even noticed drought was a thing was finally, someone somewhere, probably high or really bored, did the math and holy shit, it's been a while since rain, check this out, weird huh? Anyone else notice? And everyone said, wow, that explains why the lakes are so much lower. Who knew?

Our relationship with rain is about the same; I live on a hundred year flood plain, but once I lived within a quarter mile of a small yet ambitious lake. Before the city did something with limestone out back, the first time the creek became a river--seriously, I was really pissed we hadn't kept the boat and oars from when we owned lakeside property as a kid--we all contemplated it about five inches below our gate--it was high, is what I'm saying--and figured we could sleep for a few hours; it'd be like, at least a day before it got to the patio, but come morning, there would definitely be work to go to and bosses don't like naps at the desk.

Ice, that's different; that's not wind--we know wind--or water--liquid, in cups, falling from teh sky, refusing like hell to do just that, swim in it during summer. Ice isn't water--we know it is in theory, because it's how ice cubes are born, but this shit--ice, you say? Okay--ice anywhere in nature, free and predatory and coming toward you, is terrifying. We don't really understand it; that shit goes in tea and snowcones and to put in structures containing beer to keep them cold. We make it from water--water, we get, I explained that, right?--which is fine, we all go to Schitterbaun during summer, you're telling me Schlitterbaun. a water park can be a death trap below zero? You don't mean drowning? Really? How interesting. How much have you had to drink? No, I'm not getting you another beer from the cooler; apparently, you've had enough. We're going swimming tomorrow, and you're gonna scare the kids with that kind of shit.

Water + freezer = ice = beer cold, ice tea, snow cones. Water + nature = ice = you're fucking with me, water can do that outside a freezer? The world can be the freezer? Do you know how much water there is in the world? Holy shit it's the end of the world!

As I said, Apocalypse; now you know the math behind it. Don't make us admit it out loud, but we really really can't conceptualize this in any meaningful way; our summer temperature is above one hundred and it's barely worth noting that until it's been seven days of it, at which time it's more a reminder about remembering our electric bill is going to suck so fucking much so you don't freak out when the three digit total may or may not border on four. Right, you tell yourself in the breeze of air conditioned bliss; fuck the goddamn heat. And get a popsicle from the freezer, a magic place we also get ice, and here's where it get tricky; if you have an ice maker, an entire revelatory step in the water to ice process is totally lost right there. We never even see the water in non-ice form and melting it's indistinguishable from it's tea surroundings, or something that mysteriously needs to be dumped from the ice chest. You buy ice for those from giant freezers at the store in bags; the watery remains should give us a clue, but dude, we need more ice, and the water's gotta go to make room for it, because the beer is getting warm. I don't even drink beer and I know how this works.

We can't possibly be blamed for this. Technology is working against us here; my place is not to question why, but to do and get the goddamn ice already. It's hot.

Now the world as we know it is suddenly a freezer--you're fucking with me, it was seventy two days ago--where ice--Jesus Christ, ice? Really?--forms from water--you realize how much water there is out here? It's everywhere! I HAVE IT IN MY HOUSE!--may fall from the sky--IT IS IN THE CLOUDS? OH GOD YOU MEAN RAIN CAN BE ICE, TOO--and not only that, oh no. It's November, and it just dawned on everyone to air out their sweaters, hunt down their coats from wherever they left them last March or so--that was a while ago, okay?--and get excited we can finally wear our boots again.

This isn't bad--this is goddamn traumatic. Let me explain why.

We have turkey to defrost and relatives to loathe coming over to eat food with us and horrifically pleasant mundane conversations to have so we can all avoid saying "Oh God I hate we're related to each other; I die inside just knowing you exist, much less we share a common ancestor who honestly, what the fuck great grandma, may God grant her rest soul" or by sheer accident forget to carefully pretend you know all about their new significant other and hope to God they stop calling them 'honey' so you can get a name already and pray that goddamn turkey is done yet because eating would be good here. Love turkey, but right now a boot would be fine, this is Texas and we got Southern manners grafted onto us hard; no one talks with their mouth full, and everyone is very motivated to keep their mouths very, very full.

At it's best, Texas is a wonderful mix of various cultures and it's nice to look at your family tree and contemplate how many different people you came from, it's a warm feeling to think of all these people getting along and getting married and sprogging their hearts out; at it's worst, it's an unholy nightmare of the most terrifying parts of the deep South, second through fourth German background, Hispanic culture, and in certain circumstances, all of it expressed in two languages that at least two people in any given room only know one of them, half know enough to be hilarious when speaking or answering questions (read: oh God), and in my case, a single representative of speakers of Czech who spoke English but didn't really like anyone enough to want to (when I was a kid, we had first language German in the mix. No one really wants to talk about what that hell was like; apparently great-grandma had quite a mouth on her and didn't mind it expressing it in both languages in the same sentence, and they were long ass sentences. Great grandpa was unclear on boundaries as well. There are scars). It's not that navigation can be hard; it's more that there's no navigation; it's survival of the fittest and last man standing, fueled by desperate faith, hope, and sincere prayer for the turkey to finish cooking before someone cries, bursts into argument, or oh God help me, emanates Stoic, quietly miserable acceptance and forgiveness (of what? WHAT? IT WAS A JOKE) which is like--God, guilt forever, goes well with stuffing and cranberry sauce, thanks. We are Southern enough to desperately need to be polite; we're just terrible at figuring out how to do that well because it comes secondhand. We know that we're just making it worse, but we can't stop.

(If we do, it's actually can get worse; try dealing with a family wake. You drink to stay sane. And not question your paternity and maternity because oh God, Aunt Frances, don't go there. I don't know what that means in English, but no one should turn that color hearing it. May I get you more whiskey? (Whiskey is how we start a wake to warm up; margaritas are when we finish blending the ice from the freezer and keep the pleasant blackout portion of the night at bay between shots. There will be two runs to the liquor store; there will be two more but no one remembers them, so those don't count.) Hell is drunk relatives surrounded in a billion dying flowers and several trays of cold cuts and cheese in a house that exceeds the per capital number of guns per Texan and trucks with gun racks where the guns apparently came standard at purcchase; it's an adventure of potential homicide or hangovers that make you desperately prefer the sweet oblivion of murder one.)

(Admittedly, I have an advantage with Child; he lacks rudimentary shame even as a concept, and like my middle sister, uncomfortable, probing, utterly point blank questions are the rule, not the exception. You can't control them--you can't, you know what you're risking here, you too will be a victim--but you can subtly guide their efforts in productive directions. People are usually too polite--or too utterly shocked--to not answer. Yes, this is dangerous--you will be the next victim, or the next--but not quite yet. You get to listen until then. It's worth it. Mostly. What you cannot change, you must accept and enjoy it while you can. Secondhand embarrassment and appalled horror are inevitable; the trick is to weaponize politeness--you can't not be polite--so everyone shares it. Then at least you're not alone.)

Dude, we don't need this stress, okay. It's November, we just found our boots--and hey, my coat was under the dog, better get that cleaned or something?--and are still deeply bewildered at the entire cold air thing happening outside--the world has air conditioning? And we usually have to pay for that kind of thing--instead of inside, where it's right and natural. Turkey to defrost. Deeply uncomfortable meal to have with people we have to see because great grandma got laid like a lot, thanks great gramps for that shit. Ice? Outside?

Apocalypse, we hope; otherwise, we might have to live through this in inexplicable weather conditions where our roads are layered in what goes in snow cones, do we look like wizards or something? You tell me how to deal. And I still don't know what happened to relative's apparently no longer husband or where this one came from. This isn't ending well for anyone. The Apocalypse can only help.

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Overheard at the Balthrop house

Iron Man, please pick up the glue and the crayons and put them away.


Overheard at the Balthrop house

Sivi:  If you aren't going to brush your teeth, take off your clothes and get in the tub.  Now.


I love my Prez


Thank you, sir.  You may have just lost the election, or at least a lot of votes in the south, but thank you. 
"Mitt Romney: Funk Soul Brother."

It just never stops being funny.

Overheard at the Balthrop house

Alan:  No, Miles, don't ride the cat.

Overheard in the Balthrop household

Sivi:  "Lick!  Give me your tongue!"

(this has a totally innocent and non-erotic explanation) (and I'm not telling what it is)

Overheard in the Balthrop household...

Miles:  "Teacher says I can't take my pants off."



That is all.

Writer's Block: Friends forever

Did you have imaginary friends growing up?

The New Green Bee

Ok, just got back from watching the new Green Hornet movie.  We walked out about an hour in, and I want my time back.

Cut for spoilers...Collapse )If the movie improves in the second half, please tell me.  The first half was a total waste of time. 

Jun. 11th, 2010

Thank you for the lemur, fcol!
He's a cutie.

Dec. 17th, 2009

I know it has been a while, but I had to post and brag.

I passed the CCRN exam!!!!!!!! Wee-eeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, that is all.

Please watch this

This has me sitting here in almost tearful awe at *something*. Something numinous happened here, I think, and for a reason I can't explain it gives me hope. I can't really find words for it. Maybe one of you can help me be more articulate.

World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale from World Science Festival on Vimeo.

Miles vs dragon

Alan already uploaded this pic, but I couldnt help myself.

Jul. 26th, 2009

Celebrating birthdays tonight at work. Very multi-ethnic menu, and all yummy! I made a big chicken pot pie, Ruthmarie brought Indian fried rice and raita, Emilynn brought cheesecake (we love Em!). Also, there was a baked chicken, a fresh fruit tray, and chips and dip.

Calories consumed at work don't count. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
OH, and someone brought cake to work. Pineapple cream cake. Also, someone on day shift brought a chocolate cheesecake. There's not much left but crumbs, but they are pretty big crumbs.

You know you're a nurse when you can go from cleaning up poo to nibbling on chocolate cake.

The cakes are right next to me. I can smell them. They are calling to me. "Sivi!" they say. "Eat us! We're yummy!"
Saturday: Home with the boys in the morning. Miles made eye contact! And smiled when I beeped his wee nosie. Simon was running around, eating cantaloupe and asking for popsicles every 5 minutes. They're sugar free, so I usually just give in, but he ate every green popsicle we had in the house! He was watching Wonder Pets, who always celebrate with celery, and he was calling them celery popsicles.
Tripled at work, but sometimes you are the one who gets three patients. No big deal. Makes for a busy night, though. Three baths, three hourly vital signs, and two of them really liked their call lights. On the other hand, I've been asked to orient to charge nurse by my peers. Nothing like peer recognition.

Sunday: Slept alllllll day. Lovely. Now at work, pining for good Burn Notice fanfic. Yes, I read fanfic at work, but only when I'm caught up with everything. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. When baths are done and you don't have meds due, night shift gets very long. Boredom is a good thing in the ICU; means no one is actively dying. On the other hand, you have to stay awake somehow. Coffee and fanfic make the hours go by. Anyone have any recs?

Plans for the week to come include the Dallas Children's museum, going to see a friend in Waxahatchie (she doesn't know this yet) and maybe going to a pick your own fruit farm out that way if she wants to, and going to see Moon with the hubby. If we can find a babysitter.
Monday: Slept until 1pm, then went to pick up the boys from Mom's. Did laundry until Alan came home then went to work. Unfortunately, no one had told the day supervisor that I had volunteered to come in, so I wasn't on the schedule. Turned around, went home.

Tuesday: Went to Boomerang with Simon and Miles. Boomerang is a play space with lots of inflatable bouncy houses. Simon made like a pingpong ball for about 3 hours and made a couple of new friends. Didn't want to go home, but we went and had ice cream and it was good.

Wednesday: Boys went to Aunt Cheri's and I had a day off! Whew! Saw Public Enemies and then sat around drinking root beer and watching season 2 of Burn Notice. I don't need another fandom, but I think I have one. God, the man who plays Michael is buff. And Bruce Campbell is as much of a delight as ever. Then went and picked up the boys and went to bed.

Thursday: Went to dollar day at the Dallas Zoo. Most of Collin and Dallas county also went. Very hot, very crowded, but Aunt Cheri and Alex were there and fun was had. Simon played in the creek for about an hour and we had hot dogs. Then home to air conditioning! Also, did laundry.

Friday: Laundry and Lake Lavon. Again, very hot and sunny, but Simon had fun making sand castles and Miles had fun floating while I held him. A lovely woman named Carla held Miles while I got stuff up to the car, and then we went home and all had a bath and I did more laundry. Finally, all clothes are washed!

Miles is crying now, must go.

Turning 40.

It isn't the big deal I pictured when I was a little girl. I remember thinking how it would be after "the year 2000" and how that was waaaaay in the future when I was 8 or so. I pictured rocket cars and all the futurey stuff I watched on Star Trek (yes I was a fan back then. Thank my parents.) It seemed almost impossible I would ever be that old.

Now I am, and it feels kind of strange, but not the big trauma most women supposedly feel. I'm not fibbing about my age or dying my hair nor do I have plans to. I'm strangely comfortable with me, these days, for which I thank my husband and, yes, the accumulating years.

Being 40 seems very freeing. Societal expectations for feminine beauty go way down once you start going silver, so there is permission to be a person rather than an object (not that I ever was one, but there was an expectation that I should be trying harder in that area, lose more weight, wear makeup, dress nice, etc.) I know I'm not the first woman to come to this realization. The freedom of age, the blessings of the Mother on the cusp of turning to Crone, seem manifold.

I'm undeniably an adult now, in years, tears, and fears. I have two small children and a highly challenging career. I have a mortgage and too many bills for comfort. I'm all grown up, and looking back I'm not sure when that happened. But I'm not dismayed by it. I'm kind of excited to see what the next ten years will bring. And the ten, twenty, thirty years after that. Life is so good, and blessings so rich, I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Quoth the Simon

My eldest son, Simon, is 3 1/2. We have been teaching him the correct names for his various body parts since he learned to talk, from his nose to his toes and all points in between.
Today, during a diaper change (we're working on potty training), he was touching his penis, as little boys do, and I said (ever one to educate) "That's your penis."

Simon looked up at me and said, "I think its a volcano."

Most men never outgrow that belief, but I think he was referring to the general shape of the parts.

A gr. eat idea!

One of Simon's favorite phrases when he wants something is "A great idea!" with a finger held up in the air and a wide-eyed expression on his face. "My great idea is..." usually to request a certain video, or popcicles, or something like that.

Just now, he announced to his papa, "A great idea!" Before Simon could state what his great idea is, Alan suggested, "A tickle?"

With a very straight face, Simon shook his head and said, "That's NOT a great idea." Maybe you had to be there, but it was the funniest thing I'd heard all day and I laughed for a good minute.

Now Alan's racing Simon down the hall on his shoulder to plop the boy on the bed. Simon's giggling like a maniac and shrieking. Life is good.

You move 16 tons, what do you get....

804,687,256 pounds. That's the approximate weight of the Empire State Building, according to Wikipedia, and a tentative weight-lifting goal.

This evening, I did 3 sets of 6 reps at 65 lbs on the lateral pull down, for a total of 1170 lbs.

Lat pull down: 3/6 @65lbs= 1170lbs.
Leg press: 3/10 @ 130lbs= 3900lbs.
Shoulder press: 3/7 @ 35= 735lbs.
Pectoral fly: 3/6 @ 55= 990lbs.
Rear deltoid: 3/5 @ 45= 675lbs.
Quad lift: 3/7 @ 50= 1050lbs.
Total wt moved : 8520 lbs.
Weight remaining to goal = 804,678,736 lbs.

Plus 2.5 miles on the eliptical. Half-way to the Green Dragon on the road to Rivendell. 395 to go.

Waiting for Miles to sleep

To do tomorrow:
Go to City courts building and show proof of defensive driving class.
Go to hospital and take my nursing compatency written test and hopefully pick up paycheck.
oops, Miles woke up again....


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I gots Twitter.

Chibi-me Before

elouai's doll maker 3

Chibi-me slightly Mary-sued...

elouai's doll maker 3

Chibi-me fully MaRY-SUED TEH HECK OUT!!!11!

elouai's doll maker 3

Meme of Might!

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In case you were wondering, yes I got a camcorder for Mother's Day. I'll try not to spam you all too much with my vidding : )

On another note...omg Supernatural. Aieeeee! That's all I have to say. I'm too lazy and I'm posting at work, so I can't do lj cuts for spoilers. Just...oh Dean! Oh Sammy! Waaaah!

Simon and Evie

Da Boy, May 13

Here's another vid. Our day at the museum, May 13, 2008.

May. 14th, 2008

This is a test. This is also da boy.

Things what is awesome

Oh, my but it has been a while since I posted.

I thought I'd make a list of things what are awesome in my life, for posterity and for days when things aren't so awesome.

1) Simon is coloring with big crayons and naming off the colors as he goes. He asks me to draw an "E" for him. Sometimes he asks for other letters, but he likes "E" best. He asked me to draw an elephant, then a giraffe and a rhino. There was no doubt in his mind that I could do this. Amazing for someone to have that much faith in my abilities.

2) I'm back in the ICU again, and loving it. I'm working with several Indian and Filipino nurses, and there is a buffet of wonderful food (most of which I can't identify) most every night. I bring fresh fruit, because I can't cook, and I don't want to feel like a mooch.

3) I'm thinking of going for flight nurse credentialing. It would be a cool challenge. CCRN first, tho.

4) Simon is giggling at Curious George. There is no more wonderful sound in the world than a little boy's giggle.

5) Supernatural has new episodes at last. I'm loving me some Winchester boys. Why did I never realize just how cute Jensen Ackles (sp?) is? Whew.

6) Spring has sprung and everything is green. My garden is coming up. Fall used to be my favorite season, but I think Spring is now. Everything is so lush and verdant and alive. The world is just singing right now.

7) Alan is such a wonderful husband and father. He plays blanket monster with the boy and with Evelyn, our neice, and he washed all the dishes over the weekend so I didn't have to when my work week was over. Plus, he's sexy. Love you, babe.

8) We have a baby-sitter for next Tuesday and we're going to see Iron Man! Robert Downey JR is just getting better with age (and sobriety).

9) Da boy is climbing into my lap to color. Gotta go!

May. 13th, 2007

Charge today.
Crazy people.
Send help.
Entitled patient and family driving everyone mad.
About to run amok with a meat cleaver.


My husband is the dearest man in the world. He brought my son to me at work. Sivi is floaty right now.

Simon update

The kid is fine, I'm happy to say. He's going to have to submit to breathing treatments a few times a day for his junky sounding lungs, but the doc couldn't find the source of bleeding and thinks he's just fine. I think that, with all the coughing he's been doing and screaming when he doesn't want a nap, he probably has a raw throat and drooled the blood. When I looked at the sheet, it seemed very diluted.

Stand down from red alert

Around 1pm, got a call from Alan. Simon's new caregiver had called him to let him know that there was blood on the sheet he was lying on. I called her, asked a lot of questions trying to identify the source of the blood and couldn't really. No sign of blood on his skin, in his ears or nose, in his mouth, or in his diaper. She described four largish spots, appx the size of an adult's fist, of fresh blood. Alan was already on his way to pick him up, so I asked her if we could take the sheet to show his pediatrician.

She said no, at first. I offered to get it back to her, washed, in the next couple of days, but she didn't want to let us have it. Turned out her concern was, if the pediatrician knew the bleeding happened in a daycare, her license could come under scrutiny and she "just didn't want to deal with that."

I told her I just wanted the doc to have as much information as possible, because MY CHILD WAS BLEEDING. We wouldn't mention where Simon had been, if she didn't want us to. As I saw it, the symptoms and amount of blood were the information I wanted the doc to have, not that he had come from an in-home daycare. She agreed after I promised we wouldn't mention her name to the doc.

After I hung up and called Alan back, I realized I was madder than hell. No way is Simon going back to this woman. I don't suspect negligence or anything, but if she is more concerned with appearances and her license than my son's well-being, this is not someone I trust. Period. I'm still madder than hell.

Anyway, the doc couldn't find a source of the blood and thinks it was just a little he swallowed, mixed with the allergy medicine she gave him. He's been coughing a lot and might be bleeding a little in his throat, but he isn't bleeding out anywhere. I'm still shaking and want to go home, but I'm stuck here until 7pm. Simon's with his papa and grandma, but I want to hold him. He's ok. I'm not.

That's it for now. We're fine. Needed to vent.


Dear Whoever put Samoas in the break room,

No love.


(Note: I absolutely LOVE Samoas (the girl scout cookie) and am trying hard to not eat sugar/chocolate/caramel/etc. Temptation, thy name is Samoa. Wah.)

Schedule info

Just to remind me...
Feb 27, Education council meeting, neuro conf room 1930-2030
April 12 1000-1600 CRRT troubleshooting class.
May 9 0800-1500 ACLS Prep 5th floor Blk bldg.
May 10 1200-1630 ACLS
June 4 1230-1700 BLS


Need babysitting:
April 12, mom will sit
...although it is raining and getting cooler.

Still doing well, and gawd but I am yakky when I'm not medicated! I've been talking Stella's ear off this morning about Earl the Elephant and Alan and stuff just out of nowhere. Fortunately, she doesn't mind.

The biggest thing I'm noticing so far is that I just feel less cushioned from my emotions. Everything is more acute, good and bad. Maybe it's a case that I just need to re-learn how to feel things again, and determine the appropriate response to my emotions. I'm less serene, but I think for now the trade-off is something I'm ok with.

I've been watching Beauty and the Beast season 1 (thank you Alan! Happy Valentine's day!). So very early 90's, but it is still fun to watch. Vincent is still as guh as he was when I was in my 20s and Catherine is still as breathy and clingy. She so doesn't deserve him! I had forgotten how much she defends herself, though, so that is a good thing. Not all damsel in distressy, for all that Vincent usually ends up administering the coup de grace on the baddie of the week.

I don't have time for a lot of BB meta, but I have been thinking some thinky thoughts and will try to put something on paper later.

One thing BatB brought me is my best friend. We met and bonded over Vincent lo these 20something years ago. Hi Louann! Love you!

\o/ more later


I had such a good week. I was off for four days during some of the most glorious weather we've had in late February in a long time. Highs in the mid 70's, sunny, breezy, and just beautiful. Simon played outside every day and I got the old swing-set in the back yard painted. I'll try to get pictures up when it is complete; I need to make the awning and finish the sandbox, but maybe some work in progress pics would be in order.

I'm also thinking of doing some planting this year. Tomatos and maybe some cucumbers, as these are my favorite veggies, and some seed-bearing sunflowers for the birds. Home Depot had Texas fig trees for $6, so I picked one up. There is a lovely sunny spot at the bottom of the yard that would do well with it, and I love figs.

Is it normal to be this energetic and happy *after* stopping a SSRI? I stopped taking my Citalopram on Saturday and I've been in such a bouncy mood ever since. It might have been the weather, or the kid, or just so much niceness happening, but I'm back at work today and I still feel sharper and just peppy. I was doing a happy-dance (long story) and kinda doing a Snoopy dance move and Dr Motta said I looked like a psychotic Teletubby. I guess he had a point, but it is just the way I feel right now. Weird, huh? Can I expect a mood crash at some point? Did the SSRI just mask everything and mellow me out? Am I cruising for a rubber room? The OB put me on them for post-partum depression about a year ago, so maybe I just don't need them. Time will tell.

I've never been called a psychotic Teletubby before. I think I like it. : )

We're probably going to change baby-sitters. The day-care I have Simon at right now is very nice, but I'm having trouble getting him scheduled, since I only need it one or two days a week. Alan and I are going to meet this new woman tonight. She sounds very nice on the phone, but I want to see how she interacts with Simon.

Anyway, more news later, I suppose. I've not updated this much in forever!

Oh, and I got a raise today! My one year eval at MCD. They apparantly like me and want to keep me around. I was oriented to charge last week, and they keep sending me students, so I must be doing something right.

That's all for now, for real. \o/ Woot!

Ok, for purpig and for meme-fun....

You're on my Friends List, and you're here for a reason. I like you, Idefinitely think you're interesting, but I probably don't know a wholelot about most of you. So if you'd answer these 25 questions for me,I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

1. Ever punch someone in the face?
2. How old are you?
3. Are you single or taken?
4. Do you eat with your hands or utensils?
5. Do you dream at night?
6. Ever seen a corpse?
7. Have you ever wished someone dead?
8. Do you like Bush, the president?

9. What's your philosophy on life? And on death?
10. If you could do anything with me, and have no one know about it, what would it be?
11. Do you trust the police? (the cops, not the band)
12. Do you like country music?
13. What is your fondest memory of me?
14. If you could change anything about yourself, would you?
15. Would you date me?
16. What do you wear to sleep?
17. Have you ever peed in a pool? While you were still in it?
18. Would you hide evidence for me if I asked you to?
19. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together?
20. What is your favorite thing about me?
21. Do you think I'm attractive?
22. What's your favorite color?
23. If you could bring back anyone that has passed, who would it be?
24. Tell me one interesting/odd fact about you.
25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?

Feb. 10th, 2007

Three hungry nurses
Wait like wolves in the break room
For hot pizza

A special haiku (if I got it right) at lunchtime. Dr. Wait bought us pizza today! We love her a lot.

Also, it doesn't look as though either of my patients are going to die today. I'm quite happy about this, after yesterday. Go me!

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I know. All I post these days are memes.

Hey! Simon took his first steps this week. Next week, college.

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